Fitness after cesarean section: what woman with cesarean need to know.

I heard hundred stories from women after a cesarean section. The geography of my clients covers all continents, because many of them are members of diplomatic missions or embassy employees. The experience of every woman is incomparable to anyone else. Therefore, the process of rehab in each case will be individual. After caesarean section, doctors […]

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Skin is a mirror of health

Is it worth talking about books that are not recommended for reading? – Of course, yes, so you can prevent someone from spending time, money or memory on the phone. From the publishers “charming intestine” came out the book “What hides the skin.” Yael Adler. So in the book the most unpleasant thing is that […]

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The advantages of cueing in pilates.

When I train, I work mostly by cueing and very rarely by demonstration. And often it causes surprise: “What? You will not do with us? You will not show?” Of course, I will show if something I can`t explain in words and images or, if quite difficult exercise. But in most cases the answer is […]

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