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Corporate yoga

Office employees state lack of time and energy as the main reason for the absence of fitness in their lives. Actually this reason can be easily eliminated by coach who can perform yoga class for  employees right in your office. You can choose any time throughout the day.   

Morning practice helps to prepare the body for the beginning of the working day& It launches all the processes in the body and increases concentration on the most important tasks and events. 

Yoga class during lunch break can be an excellent time for an intense yoga class that will not only relieve tension from the workplace fuss, but it will also give a boost of vivacity for the second half of the day. Japanese scientists have shown that physical activity in the middle of the working day increases productivity. 

Evening yoga is great ending of the working day. Evening sessions improve the quality of sleep and increase stress-resistance.  Yoga in the office is also a good tool for maintaining the corporate spirit and good mood in the company.  

If you are a leader and want to take care of your colleagues, we are ready to offer you a system of discounts.

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