November 23, 2019

Pilates feels aaaamazing

I often hear this from people who visit my Pilates class for the first time: “Fitness can never be pleasant, you need almost die in the gym to get real results”. And often these clients already got consequences of such beliefs.

Tanya have worked overtime for a year. She has not rest at all, she was working even in the vacation. Every month she had 3-4 business trips by plane. Despite of crazy schedule, she`ve done 4-6 classes a week, like crossfit, TRX and gym. It is believed that exercises will increase energy level and help to lose weight. But she was exhausted instead , so she was pushing herself “to go again”, “you have to”, “bring it together” “you suck”, etc. She didn`t lose weight either. Just got some extra problems like pain in the neck and knees; aching body and weakness every morning. She really feel scared when she fainted at the airport. She visited doctor, he checked her and concluded: “chronic fatigue syndrome”. He “prescribed” her a vacation for couple of months to reduce the level of stress and forbid all exercises besides walking.

The hardest was to admit the problem. So she packed up and went to Tenerife. She delegated all work she can, trying to spent time eating, sleeping, walking. She feel incredibly recovered after two months.

On her return to Kyiv Tanya was much better in life/work balance. She wanted her classes back, but she wasn`t ready forcing herself. Her friend from Miami spoke a lot about practicing Pilates. Recently she sent her a video where she almost fly on springs. And some more where Lady Gaga and Kate Hudson exercising on wild-looking machines. Tatiana decided to try and so signed up to my class.

Before trying Pilates, she thought sore muscles, sweaty pants and being extremely tired after workout were a guarantee of good health. So at first she was afraid that if she didn`t feel nauseous after Pilates and her heart is not jumping out of chest, class was useless. After several classes she understand that exercise can feel good in the body. Pilates equals well-being throughout the day.

Recently we celebrated the year of our regular classes. During this year she gained the energy and confidence that Pilates is efficient and pleasant. Long walks, cycling and cross-country skiing bring her joy now. She came back to the natural rhythm of the body and mind, and freedom from stereotypes. After all, training is needed for the functionality of the body but not the achievement of beauty-standard forms.

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