5 reasons from the expert why use Pilates foam roller

Pilates Foam Roller, also known as a cylinder, is a great home sport equipment. There are models of different lengths (from 30 cm to 110 cm), different stiffnesses, different surface (from a smooth surface to a grooved, with different grooves and dumplings) and different materials (a foam of different quality, plastic and rubber). Before you […]

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Fitness after giving a birth

After the birth of a child, your life becomes different. And no one can predict how much it will change. My clients often say that their bodies after childbirth became bulky, and on the other hand sensations in their body became intuitive. Pregnancy and childbirth are different from anybody’s experience, even if a woman gives […]

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How Chinese tea improve health?

The first mention of Chinese tea dates back to the period of 5,800 years ago. Tea is mentioned in the Shen Noon tractate “Trunks and Grasses” (“Shen Nun Bao Cao Jing”). According to one of the legends, Shen Nun tried various plants and observed their actions because he had a transparent stomach. Once he used […]

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