April 1, 2019

How to avoid back pain when sitting?

Everyone knows how badly long sitting impacts on body, so the question arises: shouldn`t I work now or what?

Of course you can work, just you need to transform the very concept of “siting.” Sitting is not passive, sitting is active. And that`s not just about taking breaks every half hour or ergonomically arranging the workplace.

This is about being in constant motion, even if it`s not visible. Energy never stops, right? Low-amplitude body movements do not allow muscles responsible for good posture to fall asleep.

First of all it`s necessary to determine what does it mean “good posture”? Many of us have been taught that “straight back” is to pull chest forward and squeeze shoulder blades. But the “straight back” is not about these at all. Healthy posture means to maintain natural curves of the spine, keeping ribs in the body. Legs while sitting should contact with the floor actively, so it is better to wear non-slip shoes, or non-slip socks if you work at home.

As soon as you sit down at your desk, take a deep breath in all directions of the chest. This will be your evaluation criteria. Then check your breathing from time to time while working. If it become complicated to breath in all parts of the chest, it`s time to wake the body. How?

1. In a sitting position, lower your belly on your hips, place your palms on the back right where lower ribs are and start breathing in your palms. Make your breath deeper with every each inhale and exhale.
2. Imagine you want to wake a neighbors and start stomping as fast as you can.
3. Play with the pelvis movements. Imagine your pelvis as a bowl of soup. Tilt the bowl, pouring the soup behind your back first, and then in front of you. Lift the edges of the bowl one at a time. Finish with rolling the bowl back and forward. During all these movements, try to keep your shoulders and head steady.
4. Make a self-massage of the head, neck, upper part of the trapezius muscle and hands.
5. Get up and walk. Even better to lie down.
6. Do a regular Pilates.

The main goal of all these precautions is to make sitting easy. As soon as it`s simple to hold the posture, your spine resists gravity well.

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