June 11, 2018

Hallux Valgus vs Pilates

I was shy about my foot size when I was at school, so I wore narrow sneakers. At the university I start hiking and working as a fitness trainer long hours. Moreover I wore high heels sometimes.

So far, I got Hallux Valgus and felt pain under the big toe. God, I was only 20. The doctor prescribed toe stretcher. That made it worse: my second finger began to curl. I was scared that I will not fit in any shoes.

Fortunately I was learning Pilates at that time. A month of regular Pilates classes and additional daily feet exercises changed the situation. Pain disappeared as well as bone became invisible. Miracle? No. Just exercises strengthened feet muscles and body became balanced. To maintain the effect, I continue doing regular Pilates and wear comfortable shoes, So I can make my toes like fists. 

Every second client has hallux valgus, curving toes or other unpleasant foot stuff. I often here that al these problems are hereditary e.g. my mother and grandmother are having those too. But the truth is more women wearing heels, shoes with a narrow nose, smaller shoes size and do not do exercises for feet.

Joseph Pilates saw that many people suffer from these problems and created a toe stretcher. With the help of this small equipment you can strengthen the muscles, change habits in walking and eliminate deformities. After exercises with this spring I feel like after a 20 minute foot massage.

And how are your feet?

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