January 26, 2018

How to Know If You’re Doing Pilates Right?

I can speak long hours why pilates is so useful for health as well as why this practice is so deep and holistic. So how can beginner understand that his practice is correct and useful for him? This understanding comes with the experience of regular classes, when day after day you learn your body and its features. The sensations after the performed repertoire are different everyday, and it happens that some day practice sucks at all. This does not mean that Pilates does not work or you did not try hard enough, it just happened this way. And this is normal.

If the answer “to practice” for you is not enough, I`ll give some of the benchmarks how to know if the training was successful:

  1. The body is pleased after the session. After training feelings are decisive. You may be too lazy to start training, it can be difficult during training, nevertheless after a well-done exercises the body will be good. And the emotional state after class usually also gets better.
  2. The body elongates easily, you do not need to effort. Pilates activates deep musculature, which performs the function of stabilizers. Deep muscles help to keep the spine in a physiological position and ease the load on the musculoskeletal system. They take part in maintaining balance, and also maintain intra-abdominal pressure. It keeps the internal organs in a stable position. This, by the way, visually emphasizes the waist. 🙂
  3. The volume of the lungs increases. To breathe slowly and deep becomes much easier from the lesson to the lesson. 
  4. General health is improving. And for everyone here there will be their own criteria: the normalization of the work of the digestive tract, the absence of pain in the back or feet, a reduction in the incidence of diseases, a feeling of vigor, energy, etc.
  5. The ability to concentrate and keep attention becomes higher. And this applies not only to training, but also to everyday life. Tranquility, accuracy and control are now confidently accompany you at work, at home, at a party.
  6. You begin to realize your movements in everyday life, because Pilates is developing proprioception. So you begin to sense where and how parts of your body are relative to each other in space.
  7. Being engaged in Pilates, you are improving in your other fitness or sports. It may become easier to perform exercises, even if it is more repetitions or more complex combinations, the technique can be improved, things that could not be obtained earlier, can turn out, etc.

These results are just the part of what awaits you with regular Pilates classes. These results occur only with regular, conscious and qualitative practice.

Author – Anastasia Vekua

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