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Fitness at home

  Did you buy a mat and did not start to exercise yet? Did you promise yourself every Monday to start doing exercises? Can not go to the gym? – Call us and the trainer will give you a personal training session at your home.  

Personal training at home is convenient!  All you need is a space that will be enough to comfortably accommodate your mat. In the arsenal of equipment that trainer can bring with him are various types of expander, TRX, pilates bands, miniballs, blocks and belts for yoga, isotonic rings.  

Personal training at home – it’s profitable!  You save time and effort, which are required for going to the gym and back!  

Personal training at home is safe!  Personal training takes into account your individual characteristics, posture and goals! The trainer has the opportunity to correct the technique of exercises and monitor the effectiveness of the training program!  

Personal training at home is effective!  Regular training together with a healthy diet guarantee you the desired results: weight loss, good-looking body and posture, postpartum recovery, rehabilitation, etc.

Personal training at home is a contribution to the future!  Training will give you even more beauty, health and most importantly knowledge. After all, one of the goals of our trainers is to teach you how to properly work out, including on your own! So you will not depend on the trainer, the schedule of classes and sports clubs!

Personal training at home is an example for family!  As soon as you begin to work out with a trainer at home, your family, neighbors and friends will soon become interested in fitness and begin to work out with you. My experience is soon after the start of the training, husbands and children joined the classes. Implement a healthy way of life in your family!

What awaits you in training?The first workout is testing the functionality of your body, collecting information about your health, lifestyle and habits. On the basis of the data obtained, the trainer will prepare a training program for you. In some cases, the trainer can not offer you a training program without additional examinations at doctor.Personal training at home lasts 55-60 minutes and includes a warm-up (5-7 minutes), the main part (35-40 minutes) and a hitch (5-7 minutes).

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