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Personal programs

The use of yoga in your practice requires profound knowledge and understanding of the whole system, because it is easy to harm your body by yoga. And you can feel consequences in a few years after you have already forgotten which “pose” you wanted to spin so much. 

Moreover, I consider importance of the fact that the anatomical structure of people from the West part of the world differs from the Hindus. Therefore western practice should be also different in certain positions. So, personal yoga practice guarantees safety and effectiveness as training is built according to goals you set, features of your body and the state of health in general.  

Personal yoga class can be combined with any kind of fitness. The trainer will conduct an individual training at a convenient time for you and in a comfortable place for you: in the studio, at your place, office or online. The duration of training is 60-90 minutes. The lesson consists of breathing exercises, asanas and relaxation techniques.

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