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Online fitness

Modern technologies give us opportunity of mobile training! Training online has become great news for those who want to stay in the training process anywhere in the world.  

Online training does not tie you to a specific place, nor to a schedule of classes – you choose when and where you train.  

Online training saves your time, which you usually spend on the way to the gym and back, and money, since online training is cheaper.

Online training makes training safer than watching training on video. During online training session trainer can correct the technique of performing the exercises and can control the program.  

Online training is the fastest transition to independent training with periodic trainer consultations.  

Online training is accompanied by an online chat room to answer all your questions.  

What do you need to start doing online?  Before the start of online training, you will need to fill out a questionnaire about your health. To start an online workout, you will need to install any of the applications that support video communication. Among such Skype, FaceTime, Viber, etc. 

The first training is the testing of the functionality of your body. In some cases, it may be recommended to visit a doctor and have some diagnostic. 

Among the areas of online training: Pilates, yoga, stretching, functional and strength training. The first and most necessary for training is a comfortable space, mat and training clothes.   You can also order an individual nutrition program and make your workouts even more effective, because weight loss 70% depends on the right diet.

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