The Journey To A New You


Yoga is a term that is surely heard by everyone, but nevertheless everybody will answer different on the question “What is yoga?”. One pretend yoga to be a set of certain physical exercises, the other, as breathing techniques or meditation, and for someone yoga is the philosophy of his life or the opportunity to get connection with inner “I”. And each of them will be correct, because the history of yoga tells us about the seven steps of consistent practice.

I use yoga as an excellent tool for working out the body, regulating the rhythm of breathing and affecting the nervous system. Yoga perfectly develops flexibility, strengthens the deep musculature of the body and articular tendon joints, increases stress resistance, normalizes sleep, improves the functioning of all body systems and life in general.

There are a huge number of yoga styles: ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, yoga23, Jivamuktik yoga, yoga shadows, yoga in hammocks, etc. And each of them has its own principles and usefulness. In order to choose a suitable yoga practice for you, it is worth trying different classes to feel how your body and mind react to this or that kind of yoga. Having gained experience, choose from those activities that bring pleasure.

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