What do men say about Pilates?

One in five my clients is a man. Most of them came to Pilates because their wives or friends told that it was difficult workout and very cool at the same time. And after the exercising back stops hurting, body becomes stronger, and mind is calmer. The well-established myth that Pilates is a kind of […]

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Will robot replace personal Pilates trainer in coming years?

The humanoid robot Sophia obtained citizenship in Saudi Arabia, the international robotics federation indicated that in 2016, there were 74 robots among every 10 thousands factory workers in the leading countries, and in Singapore in 2015 Robotocoach give a fitness class for seniors. Among the leaders in the robotics are 5 countries: China, the Republic […]

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Fitness after cesarean section: what woman with cesarean need to know.

I heard hundred stories from women after a cesarean section. The geography of my clients covers all continents, because many of them are members of diplomatic missions or embassy employees. The experience of every woman is incomparable to anyone else. Therefore, the process of rehab in each case will be individual. After caesarean section, doctors […]

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Where to study Pilates in Kyiv and Ukraine?

The Pilates method can not be studied in five-hour workshop, a three-day seminar or a one-month course. It is impossible to study the Pilates method separately on the mat, without special large equipment. Availability of information, as well as the fitness business development, is wasting the depth of the Pilates method and stimulating a superficial […]

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Why modern shoes are dangerous?

Everyone hesitates about butt and biceps, everyone is eager to do the splits, everyone does countless exercises for the abs and just some people exercise their feet. After all, what’s the use of these exercises if photo of the foot will not be posted on Instagram. We are ready to buy smaller size shoes because […]

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Find out what actually affects your behavior

Sociologists, psychologists and philosophers discovered that physical sensations affect our behaviour. So they formed the theory of embodied knowledge. In accordance with this theory, abstract concepts are perceived by us through the body experience, which is associated with these concepts. Knowing about metaphorical connections, you will be able to use the stimuli of the environment […]

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