August 16, 2019

9 tips for a Healthy Carry-On Bag

Everyone has its own imperfect posture. Our bodies are tested by gravity and daily activities every day. And we loaded ourselves even more by carrying a handbag, a shopping bag and some other package in our hands (teeth) simultaneously. Pay attention and you`ll see that a person with a bag on shoulder looks like his side is “frozen”: neither the arm nor the torso move. No doubt all other parts of the body also adapt to compensate uncomfortable load. Since we can’t avoid carrying bags, here’s how you can take care of yourself while someone come up with a teleport:

💎 Change the bag from shoulder to shoulder or juggle if you have many bags.

💎 Carry bags with thicker and wider straps. The best is to buy a backpack and wear it on two straps.

💎 Worse than bags with thin straps, or on chains there can only be a clutch bag or a bag with short handles that is held on the bend of the elbow.

💎 Choose the size of the bag according to real environment. Imagine an autumn warm day, the cardigan you needed that much in the morning should be hidden somewhere. What will you do with it if you have very small bag.

💎 If you carry a heavy bag and feel pain in your shoulders, move it forward, picking it up like a child. This will help relieve pressure on the shoulders at least for a while. You can do the same with a heavy backpack if your lower back hurts.

💎 Plan your purchases. Sometimes I`m saying to myself: “I will take only one thing at the fair”, but in the end I`m leaving with a lot of purchases.

💎 Do self-massage after running with a bag.

💎 Do easy walks sometime, without carrying bags, phones, wearing comfortable clothes so that you can freely wave arms and feel natural body movements.

💎 Do Pilates to restore body and improve its movements so you can easily balance with any number of bags or children in their arms.

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