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Pilates feels aaaamazing

I often hear this from people who visit my Pilates class for the first time: “Fitness can never be pleasant, you need almost die in the gym to get real results”. And often these clients already got consequences of such beliefs. Tanya have worked overtime for a year. She has not rest at all, she […]

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Why your neck hurts during abs exercises?

The desire of the client to get six-pack abs can lead to reckless decisions and deplorable consequences in the back. Incompetent coach or coach, who wants just to please the client, will look nonstop for new and interesting exercises.  That`s how were invented plank challenge, exercises for the “lower” abs, 100 reps abs, etc. without […]

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Will robot replace personal Pilates trainer in coming years?

The humanoid robot Sophia obtained citizenship in Saudi Arabia, the international robotics federation indicated that in 2016, there were 74 robots among every 10 thousands factory workers in the leading countries, and in Singapore in 2015 Robotocoach give a fitness class for seniors. Among the leaders in the robotics are 5 countries: China, the Republic […]

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