5 secrets how to work out everyday

I also have days when, I think about exercising something like this: “What, again? Come on, I just did it yesterday!” or “well, let’s have a rest today”, or “that’s alright, let`s work out tomorrow”. But nevertheless, I usually train every day from year to year. So how to achieve regularity? Realize the value of […]

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Anastasiia Vekua – Personal trainer Kyiv

Anastasia Vekua is a personal Pilates trainer, Kyiv, certified in prenatal and postnatal programs. Now Anastasia is studying on the American two-year training program for pilates teachers – Lolita`s Legacy. The program was created by the student of Joseph Pilates himself – Lolita San Miguel. Higher education: Bachelor’s degree in Lviv State University of Physical […]

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What time is the greatest for fitness?

Today I`m answering to another frequent question “What time of the day is the best to work out?”. Here is the answer! If you are not a professional athlete, it is better to exercise any time you have, taking into account your daily biorhythms. The main thing to remember few rules that vary depending on […]

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