September 22, 2017

What time is the greatest for fitness?

Today I`m answering to another frequent question “What time of the day is the best to work out?”.

Here is the answer! If you are not a professional athlete, it is better to exercise any time you have, taking into account your daily biorhythms. The main thing to remember few rules that vary depending on the type of fitness:

Intensive classes should be not less than 2 hours before bedtime. As it can provoke difficulties with falling asleep or even insomnia. However, Pilates and yoga on the contrary can help to fall asleep.

Intensive workouts in the early morning on an empty stomach can lead to a faintness. And gymnastics like yoga, pilates, gigong after a glass of water on the contrary improves the work of the body systems. Morning classes guaranteed your workout is done. And no matter what happened, it will not interfere with your training, unlike the one planned for the evening.

Fitness at lunchtime gives an energy boost, helps to gather your thoughts for the rest of the working day and decrease stress level accumulated during the first half of the working day. So exercise are better than a cup of coffee or chocolate. Naturally, the workout should not take place instead of lunch.

Often you can hear that someone can train only in the morning, and the other is used to work out only in the evening, and they do not imagine other time for doing the exercises. I recommend in regular practice to mix the time of classes so that the body adapts to different conditions. I do workouts every day and almost always at different times.

Women want to recall the need to adjust their training programs for the phases of the period cycle. So you can give yourself, not only effective fitness, but also safe for health.



Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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