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Prenatal fitness

As pregnancy is a natural experience for a woman, it is possible and necessary to continue training, if there are no contraindications for health reasons.  

The most favorable period for classes is the second trimester. The program of training for the second trimester of pregnancy includes specially designed for pregnant aerobic and power loads, pilates and exercises for flexibility. 

From the third trimester, workouts are aimed at strengthening deep muscles, training in respiratory exercises and relaxation techniques.  Training during pregnancy: 

  • Strengthen the muscles; 
  • Improve the supply of fetus with oxygen and nutrients; 
  • Reduce the axial load on the spine; 
  • Normalize the work of the digestive tract;
  • Prepare for successful labor;
  • Contribute to an early postnatal recovery.  

Training can only be started by those who are on the register and got permission from the physician for physical activities.  Personal training is held in the studio or with a visit to the house or office in Kiev. Training takes into account the duration of pregnancy, the level of physical fitness, the characteristics of your body and emotional state. 

The trainer also provides recommendations on the peculiarities of nutrition during pregnancy and additional exercises that the pregnant woman can perform herself, both at home and at work. The cost of training can be found here.  You can find out about postpartum recovery programs here.

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