Fit is a way of life

Corporate Fitness

Obviously, the health of employees depends on the work conditions! Healthy employee is an effective employee, so corporate fitness will not only save health care costs, but will also bring income to your company.  As not everyone has time and energy for the fitness club, we can offer you an opportunity to order fitness in the office!  A coach can come to your office throughout the day to perform either group sessions (up to 10 people) or individual. 

Morning classes help to wake up for the day and focus on the main tasks. Classes during the lunch relieve tension from fuss, problems and stress, give a charge of vivacity and refresh the look at the current state of affairs. Evening classes give relaxation and healthy sleep.

Fitness for office staff primarily involves exercises to reduce the effects of sedentary work: back pain, mild muscle tone, overweight, insufficient eye trophism, swelling. 

You can choose a certain direction, for example yoga or pilates. The trainer also conducts special programs for pregnant women in an individual and group (up to 3 people) format.  

What will be needed to organize classes in the office:

  • Free space at a rate of 2×2 m,
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for training,
  • Mats.  

Over time, you can purchase additional equipment: fitballs, mini-balls or dumbbells, which will diversify and supplement the workouts.  The total duration of the lesson is 60-90 minutes, 2 times a week.  We can offer your company cooperation on special terms. You can find the discount system here.

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