Pilates feels aaaamazing

I often hear this from people who visit my Pilates class for the first time: “Fitness can never be pleasant, you need almost die in the gym to get real results”. And often these clients already got consequences of such beliefs. Tanya have worked overtime for a year. She has not rest at all, she […]

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Pilates Reformer – magic in the movement

It is said Reformer was the first apparatus created by Joseph Pilates. He named it The Universal Reformer. The name can be interpreted either Joseph Pilates’s personal mission – to reform the whole world or the ability of apparatus to reform any body. Like all equipment invented by Joseph Pilates, Reformer serves as a bridge […]

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How to avoid back pain when sitting?

Everyone knows how badly long sitting impacts on body, so the question arises: shouldn`t I work now or what? Of course you can work, just you need to transform the very concept of “siting.” Sitting is not passive, sitting is active. And that`s not just about taking breaks every half hour or ergonomically arranging the […]

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Safety Tips for Winter Walking

Choose the appropriate shoes. ⠀ Winter shoes soles should provide maximum adhesion to the slippery surface. If you don`t want to crawl along the way, choose carved ruber soles. It`s complicated to move easily in high heels as well as in poor quality shoes as they harden in cold.  ⠀ To make shoes less slippery, […]

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13 facts about your future Pilates teacher

1. I am training on a two-year American program Lolita`s Legacy for Pilates teachers. This program founded by the disciple of Joseph Pilates himself, Lolita San Miguel. 2. I give Pilates classes in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Spanish. 3. I am the trainer of the US Ambassador to Ukraine. 4. I give classes to representatives […]

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Hallux Valgus vs Pilates

I was shy about my foot size when I was at school, so I wore narrow sneakers. At the university I start hiking and working as a fitness trainer long hours. Moreover I wore high heels sometimes. So far, I got Hallux Valgus and felt pain under the big toe. God, I was only 20. […]

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Why your neck hurts during abs exercises?

The desire of the client to get six-pack abs can lead to reckless decisions and deplorable consequences in the back. Incompetent coach or coach, who wants just to please the client, will look nonstop for new and interesting exercises.  That`s how were invented plank challenge, exercises for the “lower” abs, 100 reps abs, etc. without […]

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Finding a healthy balance

Balance is the main element of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is not goal, it`s a way. Everyday you make a choice that affects your tomorrow. I distinguish in the healthy lifestyle such irreplaceable elements: sleep, nutrition, physical activity, thinking, emotional literacy, energy and supportive environment. All elements are interrelated with other so much […]

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How to Know If You’re Doing Pilates Right?

I can speak long hours why pilates is so useful for health as well as why this practice is so deep and holistic. So how can beginner understand that his practice is correct and useful for him? This understanding comes with the experience of regular classes, when day after day you learn your body and […]

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