postnatal fitness in Kyiv

How to avoid back pain when sitting?

Everyone knows how badly long sitting impacts on body, so the question arises: shouldn`t I work now or what? Of course you can work, just you need to transform the very concept of “siting.” Sitting is not passive, sitting is active. And that`s not just about taking breaks every half hour or ergonomically arranging the […]

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Pilates after pregnancy

Pilates is unique method aimed to develop opposite extension, to engage deep muscles and to give the meaning what position the body occupies in space and how it should be for health. People live under the pressure of gravity, which inevitably compresses the internal structure of the body: muscles, joints, organs, bones. Axial extension is […]

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What do men say about Pilates?

One in five my clients is a man. Most of them came to Pilates because their wives or friends told that it was difficult workout and very cool at the same time. And after the exercising back stops hurting, body becomes stronger, and mind is calmer. The well-established myth that Pilates is a kind of […]

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Will robot replace personal Pilates trainer in coming years?

The humanoid robot Sophia obtained citizenship in Saudi Arabia, the international robotics federation indicated that in 2016, there were 74 robots among every 10 thousands factory workers in the leading countries, and in Singapore in 2015 Robotocoach give a fitness class for seniors. Among the leaders in the robotics are 5 countries: China, the Republic […]

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Fitness after cesarean section: what woman with cesarean need to know.

I heard hundred stories from women after a cesarean section. The geography of my clients covers all continents, because many of them are members of diplomatic missions or embassy employees. The experience of every woman is incomparable to anyone else. Therefore, the process of rehab in each case will be individual. After caesarean section, doctors […]

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Fitness after giving a birth

After the birth of a child, your life becomes different. And no one can predict how much it will change. My clients often say that their bodies after childbirth became bulky, and on the other hand sensations in their body became intuitive. Pregnancy and childbirth are different from anybody’s experience, even if a woman gives […]

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