September 27, 2017

5 secrets how to work out everyday

I also have days when, I think about exercising something like this: “What, again? Come on, I just did it yesterday!” or “well, let’s have a rest today”, or “that’s alright, let`s work out tomorrow”. But nevertheless, I usually train every day from year to year. So how to achieve regularity?

  1. Realize the value of the workouts. Pilates is a deep and powerful practice that give control over the body, spirit and mind. Therefore, I know for sure that by skipping today, my body will be less easy-going tomorrow, and after missing two or more days, I will lose connection with some of the body parts. Ask yourself the question, why is it important for me to work out every day?
  2. Use tricks. You usually shouldn`t fight with that state, you better play. You need to involve yourself like a child. For example, I suggest to myself to lie on the roll and just breath. Then I suggest to myself to make a few movements on it, and then look who did the whole repertoire.
  3. Remember that pauses are also necessary. Sometimes you need to lose a little to appreciate more, sometimes you need to be lazy to regain strength, and sometimes the body should just rest.
  4. Make your workouts variable, look for inspiration. Maybe you just need to dance today? Or maybe you should try a new direction? Or go to class to another trainer? Or maybe it’s time to buy yourself a new T-shirt for sport?
  5. Be grateful and thankful to your body for the practice. Our body often hears comments about what we would like to change in it. ! wrong tactic! Finish every workout with a smile and a compliment for the body. Sometimes it happens that the entire training goes wrong. After such training it is especially important to cheer yourself up and remember that this is normal.

I`ve never regretted training in my life, but I regretted dozens of times when it did not happen.


Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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