November 13, 2017

Where to study Pilates in Kyiv and Ukraine?

The Pilates method can not be studied in five-hour workshop, a three-day seminar or a one-month course. It is impossible to study the Pilates method separately on the mat, without special large equipment. Availability of information, as well as the fitness business development, is wasting the depth of the Pilates method and stimulating a superficial spread of unreliable knowledge.

When you decide to become a professional Pilates trainer you need to understand several things. You will pay a tangible amount of money, you will spent a lot of hours in personal practice, you will go deep and learn endlessly. Pilates teacher is someone who choose a certain ideology of life, which is broadcasted to all clients. One of the tasks of the Pilates trainer is to study the historical side of the method. So if you are not sure whether you want study Pilates for real, if you have just snatched pieces of information from the context, do not deceive yourself and your clients that you are teaching Pilates. Such activity will strengthen the ignorance among the fans of a healthy lifestyle.

If you decide to thoroughly learn Pilates, first of all you need to choose the school. The main is to investigate the information about those who are teachers in this school. Ideally, if the teacher is certified by respected international school, or a school certificate , meet requirements of the PMA (Alliance Pilates Method Alliance) or other international organizations.

In Ukraine, in Kyiv, International Pilates University Fitness4you started its work since 2010. Cathy Corey, Michael King, Malcolm Muirhead, Nuala Coombs, and later also Alan Herdman. This happened with the idea of ​​Ekaterina Smirnova, a student of all those respected teachers. Such a full-fledged training program by International Pilates University Fitness4you educates professionals who can think broadly, respecting the points of view of different schools. Ekaterina Smirnova, from her own experience, verified the value of studying several approaches that differ from each other in the Method. This program  is a unique experiment, which in practice proved its success. For almost 8 years of existence of the program in the country, a lot of students got the high level of knowledge, the geography of students has gone far beyond the boundaries of Ukraine. Despite the fact that marketers predict a lack of work for niche professionals, and a lot of money for universal fitness trainers, practice proves the opposite. All graduates of International Pilates University Fitness4you program are in demand on the market.

In 2014 Ekaterina Smirnova offer one more prestigious training program, Lolita`s legacy. This program was created by a student of Joseph Pilates, Lolita San Miguel. This is truly unique opportunity for all Russian-speaking fan of the Pilates method, because less than 2 dozen specialists around the world have the right to educate on this system.

The two-year Lolita`s Legacy program includes 500 hours of theory and practice and consists of seven sessions that involve a consistent and holistic study of the method on all equipment, including the use of additional props and matwork.

I also choose Lolita`s Legacy program, because with the successful passing of the exam I will become a Pilates teacher of the third generation and this will be recognized around the world. The main advantage of this program is its structure. It is built so organically and consistently that each subsequent session reveals the previous one and provides the basis for the next one. Total, you can pass the certification only after studying all the sessions of the training program.

Pilates is the method in which Teacher is needed. Therefore, learn from the best!

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