November 26, 2017

What do men say about Pilates?

One in five my clients is a man. Most of them came to Pilates because their wives or friends told that it was difficult workout and very cool at the same time. And after the exercising back stops hurting, body becomes stronger, and mind is calmer. The well-established myth that Pilates is a kind of women fitness, apparently spread by those who actually never did Pilates. Among the famous men who include Pilates in their weekly program: Samuel Leroy Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Kobe Bryant, DJ Calvin Harris, David Beckham, etc.

It is obvious that personal Pilates trainer can name many reasons why it is useful for men to do Pilates. So let the male clients tell about it.

Andre (37 years old)
I lead a very active lifestyle , I tried a lot of sports from gym to golf. But pilates is the most difficult thing I’ve tried, because I need to focus on many things at once. I was sure that I can manage my body. Therefore, I was very angry at the first training, because I did not get those precise movements that seemed so simple. Now I got more self-control and Pilates remains a regular activity in my training plan.

Eugene (42 years old)
I can compare the Pilates training with the teaching of cycling. At first, it seems that it is impossible to balance on a big two-wheeled bicycle and it’s very difficult, you make a lot of effort, you fall, you scratch, you get tired. And then at some point you go, turn, maneuver and enjoy this easy ride. So with Pilates, at first you are trembling, puffing, angry, straining, but with each following class it becomes easy, clear and pleasant sometime. Only unlike a bicycle, Pilates should be perfected and trained all his life.

David (31 years old)
My wife is a personal Pilates trainer. She always talks so inspiringly about her work that I could not help trying Pilates. I regularly work out in the gym and over time I noticed that Pilates is making my classes in the gym more effective. I do twice more pull ups and do it with less effort. If earlier I dragged my body to the crossbar, then with an opposite extension body becomes so aligned that rises itself. The same in other exercises: the deadlift and bench press are performed with less effort, because I use exactly those muscles that are needed.  

Kirill (45 years old)
My friend moved to live in England and began to practice there Pilates. He said that in England a lot of men are engaged in Pilates, and he himself is pleased with the effect of these classes. I also decided to try Pilates here in Kiev. Classes gave me a sense of balance in my body. I did know that there are so many muscles but I started feel them in my body and understand how they function with Pilates help. I am very glad that the classes have pulled my stomach up, and small of my back has stopped hurting. The main thing in Pilates is regularity.

Alex (39 years old)
Every month I have 4-6 flights, lots of work and stress, lack of sleep and movement. I learned about Pilates from my wife, who was recover after giving birth with Pilates. For the first time I tried it when I began to feel so collapsed, as if I am so old. It seemed to me that Pilates was something feminine and frivolous. But as soon as I felt this elongation in my body after class, I realized that I was wrong. I did not need to make any more efforts to stand or sit straight. The body held itself. I appreciated Pilates even more, when I was able to lower my head on the headrest in the plane, before I was so clamped that I could not do it.

So, friends, men all over the world choose Pilates as an effective way to make their life better, and the body is healthier. You can also start doing Pilates after choosing professional Pilates trainer.

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