October 28, 2017

5 reasons from the expert why use Pilates foam roller

Pilates Foam Roller, also known as a cylinder, is a great home sport equipment. There are models of different lengths (from 30 cm to 110 cm), different stiffnesses, different surface (from a smooth surface to a grooved, with different grooves and dumplings) and different materials (a foam of different quality, plastic and rubber). Before you get roller you need to consult with your trainer, who will not only help with the choice but will also teach you the exercises that are needed for your body. The most practical in use are foam rolls long 90 cm with a smooth surface. So you can use roller for different reasons and various exercise. A quality roller should not deform, after the exercise it should return to its original form.

Why buy pilates roller?

  1. Pilates roll will improve your practice. Pilates exercises on the roll will help you feel even more axial elongation, will require balance and coordination, and will also improve proprioception – a representation of the position of your body in space. Pre-pilates exercises will effectively include you and your concentration.
  2. With Pilates roller you can do your own massage at any time. You will be able to roll deep muscle tissues by rolling, relieve creeping and relax stiff areas. Roll = myofascial release. By exerting pressure on the fascia, the roll stimulates nerve receptors in it, which affect the muscle contraction in our body. Regular exercises allow you to lengthen and relax tough tissues. (Do not use the massage roller for injured muscles. Avoid pressure on the knees and elbows and areas with the accumulation of lymph nodes: the inner sides of the thighs, armpits.)
  3. Pilates roller will make everyday classes real. You can find 5-10 minutes. It is enough to lie on the roll, to breathe, to do a number of exercises: lifting arms, legs, pelvic clock, bridges. And this will help you wake up, cheer up, relax or just get together with your powerhouse.
  4. Pilates roller can bring your family into sport. A cylinder is a thing that gives pleasure. Nobody will stay still seeing you do it on a regular basis and also enjoying that much. Dozens of my clients who bought the roll, gave an incentive to their husbands and children to attend classes.
  5. Pilates roller takes up little space, requires little investment and durable in use. If you do not know where to buy a roll or want to apply for a consultation, fill out the application below.

Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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