August 29, 2017

Skin is a mirror of health

Is it worth talking about books that are not recommended for reading? – Of course, yes, so you can prevent someone from spending time, money or memory on the phone.
From the publishers “charming intestine” came out the book “What hides the skin.” Yael Adler.

So in the book the most unpleasant thing is that the author cites allegedly facts, but in reality they do not exist. So I really doubt on everything written. That`s why, if you read, filter.

But there were mentioned vital things and we discuss them again:

  • Skin is a very important organ that reads information from the outside world, is a protective layer and climate control. The messages that come to us from the skin play a decisive role in choosing a partner.
  • Skin directly displays how you eat. Maintaining optimal water, mineral and fat balance in the same paragraph.
  • Skin is a reflection of how healthy your sleep is. There is no makeup which will replace a good sleep.

Speaking of cosmetics. In most cases, the less cosmetics, the better. There is no composition that would be identical to the skin substances. In addition, the skin is acidic in nature. And all lotions, milk, gels, masks etc. often disturb the natural work of the skin glands. Cosmetology is a business in which everyone is involved. Cosmetologists and dermatologists should treat skin diseases. And this often has nothing to do with the massmarket product, affecting just the upper layer of the skin. Just like wrinkles – it’s not a catastrophe, facebuilding can help.

  • The skin should be protected from sunlight. Get tanned is a fashion, not a norm. To obtain vitamin D, there is no need to be burnt in the sun, and even more so in a solarium.

In general, there is a wonderful book “The Myth of Beauty” by Naomi Wolf. I was terrified at how imposed standards govern humanity. The obsessive desire for skin care and the fear of aging are requests for psychotherapy.

  • Skin and exercise are friends. During sports, serotonin is excreted, which in turn is a building material for melatonin. And the role of melatonin in the processes of the body is enormous. I can write a separate article about it.
  • Skin is associated with your worries. Emotions and stresses are most often manifested on the skin from acne, allergic reactions and blemishes to illnesses like psoriasis.
  • Skin is conditioned by genes and there’s nothing could be done about it. Well, except that you can meditate and relax. 🙂


Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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