August 11, 2017

The advantages of cueing in pilates.

When I train, I work mostly by cueing and very rarely by demonstration. And often it causes surprise: “What? You will not do with us? You will not show?” Of course, I will show if something I can`t explain in words and images or, if quite difficult exercise. But in most cases the answer is “no.”


1) I want to teach, give God, up to 80, and maybe up to 100 years, being healthy and able to do repertoire. How will I achieve this if I practice poorly 5 hours every day? According to that the coach is not able to properly align, jumps out of positions to correct someone and jumps back into a new exercise?

2) An instructor who shows the entire training, neither is here, nor there. He does not really control himself and the group also can not be fully corrected.

3) Instructor steals the focus of attention. When a client pays attention to himself, he receives new quality of concentration on the exercise.

4) The visual channel of perception is the most powerful. And if you do not have to look at the coach, you can integrate the look into the exercise and make it not only safer, but also more effective for the whole organism as a whole.

5) Mastery of the coach, who can conduct training only in voice, qualitatively better. First of all, because it is impossible to explain what you do not know, do not understand, and did not do it yourself. And of course, for each type of client, you need to find certain verbal turns that will contribute to the correct practice of the exercise. And this is given only with experience. 

I am sincerely grateful to my Teachers for bringing the work’s value to me in training.


Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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