August 10, 2017

How to maintain discipline?

Discipline is a necessary thing for a rich and happy life. Important fact, that discipline is not to pull yourself off every time, criticizing and oppressing. We now consider discipline in relation to ourselves, and not submission to someone else. If we consider discipline through the meditation of mindfulness, one can see that it teaches us to another approach to discipline in general. During meditation, as we breathe and observe, at some point the mind begins to wander and become distracted. And teachers tell us at that moment to let go what distracted us, and to return our attention to breathing, not to start scolding ourselves, not to get mad at the mind, not to quit this venture, etc., but to return to observation.

So the same is with discipline. It can be said that discipline is a willingness and ability to go back, to what you are distracted from. Agree that this is a much more healthy and resource way. Compare the mood with which you will go tomorrow to the gym after the “not quite right meal” in the evening if  you: a) start to reproach yourself, forbid yourself to eat tomorrow, etc., b) you will perceive it as if you stumbled over a hummock, and go further along the path of “healthy eating”.

Discipline depends on various factors and on this basis two levels of discipline are distinguished: internal and external.

The inner level of discipline is characterized by a connection with oneself. To maintain discipline, you need to know what you feel, allow yourself to feel it, and take responsibility for your feelings. It sounds simple, but in fact it’s a 24/7 job and every minute choice.

You can regulate the external level of discipline with six actions.

1. To restore order in the surrounding space. If there is chaos around you, the ability to concentrate instantly decreases. The space in which elegance and purity is felt will maintain your discipline.

2. Quality food. Pay attention to the quality of food you consume, even if it is “unhealthy food” like meat, sweet, alcohol. Choose for yourself the best – it’s taking care of yourself, which nurtures self-confidence. A confident person is more capable of discipline.

3. Healthy sleep – it is vital in the life of any person. About how we are affected by sleep, and a useful book about sleep can be found here.

4. Wear good clothes that you like. Clothing can improve your mood. Most often the person perceives himself differently, wearing an ugly, shabby sweater or clean clothes, which is suitable for man both in shape and color. Again, when you feel yourself worthy and confident, you quickly wake up from the aimless life.

5. People around. This is a great lever for influencing you, given the different energy flows of people. Spending time with interesting, inspirational, successful and supportive people, you get more strength to move and act.

6. Nature is the simplest and most reliable way to get energy and clean the channels of perception.

Thus, discipline will help you achieve more and bring to your life saturation and colors!



Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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