August 10, 2017

You have enough time for everything.

When people say they do not have enough time, I often do not believe them. And, as practice shows, I’m doing the right thing! Every person has the same 168 hours every week. And all people with absolutely different stories are divided into two categories: they know how to use their free time or not, they know what brings them pleasure or not, etc.

If you take a clean sheet of paper, delineated for 168 hours, and record all your actions for each day of the week with the amount of time spent on them, you can discover interesting things. We exaggerate the amount of time spent on work, exaggerate the time spent on housework, we exaggerate the time spent on projects, primarily because we lose concentration, being scattered for a few more tasks plus surfing web and social networks.

If you take the same 168 hours and imagine that you can use them as you want, it turns out that leisure should be planned and come out from “I want.” Someone will ask “How could I know what I actually want?”. The author of the “book about lost time” Laura Vanderkam offers such an exercise: “List of 100 things that you would like to do.” At first, not everyone can write all 100 ideas, but you will find them for sure. And by doing some tasks, you will understand that this action is really not suitable for you.

But here you can face another obstacle: not enough time for leisure from the list. For example, you have 40 minutes, and going to a gallery or a dance lesson will take two hours. Then the author of the “book about lost time” advice you to make two lists of things that make you happy: what you can do in 10 minutes and what you can do in 30 minutes. That’s why social networks, movies, TV series, TV are so convenient, except that they stimulate your limbic system, they can fill any time interval, even short. But we all know that these hobbies do not bring true satisfaction and relaxation.

In order to use your time rationally and looking back, do not be sorry that you spent it in vain, use it, acting out of your key competencies. Concentrate on what you do best. You can ask “where can I take home duties, meetings, the way to work and back, go shopping and more off.” There are four tactics: to ignore, to shorten the time spent, to delegate authority or to combine. If you, after paying money to the cleaner, release a few hours a week for something more, you will only be got “black jack”. If you listen to an audiobook on the way to work instead of a radio show or you meditate, waiting in line, it turns out that you can do a lot.

Time is the most valuable and irreplaceable resource that can end very suddenly. When you prioritize and think about your plans and goals every day, it is you who live your life. 


Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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