January 19, 2018

How long does it take to see the benefits of Pilates?

To the question: “When will Pilates give the result?” Joseph Pilates has already answered. One of the most famous quotes of the founder of the method: “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”

The results are a consequence of regular, purposeful and conscious practice. Depending on the individual anatomical characteristics, the ability to concentrate and the very attitude towards practice, the results will be completely different for everyone.

The result is visible when you are practicing consciously and on your own.

Pilates is a deep, holistic, rather complicated and very pleasant practice. To see the results, you need to practice at least 2-3 times a week with a personal trainer for Pilates. It is important not to give all the responsibility to the coach, otherwise, how then you can do it yourself. Pilates is a practice for the body, mind and spirit, which is possible only with individual work. The best is when Pilates practitioners work out every day on their own, visiting sometimes individual classes. Studios abroad use this format of classes: after finishing 10 personal classes, you visit studio with a prescribed exercise program and do it on your own, receiving instructions from the assistants if those are needed. Such organization of the training process is effective and at the same time responsible, which makes it effective.

The result is visible when you practice regularly.

Classes with the regularity of “how it works” will bring temporary improvements. It is impossible to get real long-term successes from irregular practice. Practicing every day Pilates, you are guaranteed to gain health, balanced body, peace of mind, beautiful and healthy posture, longevity and a quality pleasure from life in general. You can combine Pilates with any other activity, it will only strengthen them, whether it’s dancing or water sports. I choose daily practice. Even when the schedule goes off scale, I can find 20 minutes, because I understand its value.

The result is visible when you understand the value.

Pilates for me is to be in touch with my body and my soul. Our body change every day depending on what we ate, how we slept, what we did the day before, what we experienced, how we moved, how much water we drank, what do we feel etc. Pilates gives me the feeling that I am aware of how I am today. At the same time, it is impossible to practice every day for years if you do it “because it is necessary”. As soon as you answer the question “Why is it important for me to do Pilates every day?”, you will be able to find time, strength, resources, place, etc.

The result is visible when you act from the inner motives.

The conscious person is focused on his own desires, not on beautiful pictures from Instagram or attempts to imitate someone. Professional athletes and dancers choose Pilates, because it makes their extreme loads more safe and Pilates improves technique of the main activity. Office workers know that Pilates minimizes the negative impact of their prolonged sitting and the back will not hurt. Women recover after giving a birth with Pilates safely and reasonably. And you can do Pilates, because it brings you harmony, energy, good health or choose yourself, for what will you work out.

The result is visible when you enjoy the process.

The result is visible when you are not tied to a socially recognized result. Exaggerated expectations of goals often lead to self-criticism and self-disparagement. But negative motivation does not give long-term healthy results. You are already there where you should be. Pilates is about the current moment.

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