August 15, 2017

Useful book “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” by Libby Weaver

Running around rarely makes sense. Especially for women it can be even harmful. And book “Rushing woman`s syndrome: The impact of a Never-Ending To-Do list and How to stay healthy in todays busy world” by Libbu Weaver will help you to understand how to break out of the stressful wheel of life.

For whom the book:

For every woman! 3 out of 5 women after reading this book are amazed: “It seems that book is written about me!”

What is this book about:

It gives information on how to make life more balanced, how to overcome the feeling of fatigue right after waking up, how to bring your emotional mood in order, how to get rid of excess weight, how to eat right and how to love yourself again. The author explains why women can eat bars of chocolate, drink a lot of cups of coffee during the day and cant feel relaxed without alcohol in the evening, why they suffer from pms and how it can be controlled. There are also recommendations on what to do if you eat right and regularly exercise in the gym but cant lose weight. Even if you have none problem, you`ll find a lot of vital information about your body and how it affects you.

What the book gave me:

The book “asked” me questions, as it is written by a certified experienced coach. And the answers that arose in my head gave me a new motivation for organizing more conscious rhythm of my life. Despite all the techniques that I already have, sometimes I also face obstacles in healthy lifestyle. All the amount of work, goals, plans, desires, emotions, impressions, etc. affects my female body and all spheres of life in general. The longer I live in busy rhythm, the worse return I get. So to say +1 to comprehension here and now, as always.

As I am from Lviv, I can not deny myself a cup of coffee with a chocolate. For me it’s kind of ritual. And book give me a new look on how to set limits to these two energy thieves.

But most importantly, the book gave a sip of the resource. This inspiration and willingness to act. So, I recommend you to read it!



Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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