July 26, 2017

Quick results are illusion.

You do not start the lessons of a foreign language with the hope to speak fluently after 3-5 lessons. And it’s kind of normal. Nobody goes to 9th grade, skipping the primary and secondary schools. Well, except that only geeks, and this is also normal. Therefore, coming to the Pilates class, many people want advanced movements and quick results immedeatily. And the explanation for this is often prejudice to the method, negative previous experience or simply inability to enjoy the process.
Pilates method is a multifaceted process that helps to explore body and align it. Pilates is self-development, and self-development is continuous: by opening one door, you are surely stumbling upon the next, and so on for ever. Being influenced by external and internal environments, we constantly change our bodies, thoughts and feelings. Thus, it is impossible to be in a stable, unified state. Well, except that only in samadhi.
Pilates helps your body to become better and to fix this you need regularity not in one month before the summer and not in one lesson, when your back aches, but always. I recommend practicing every day. 2-3 times a week with the coach, the rest of the days on your own. Yes, for this you need to learn and memorize movements, speak with the coach, record some clues, find time for practice, etc. But you know that if you stop brushing your teeth, they will deteriorate! So you need to take care of your body every day. I will remind you that Pilates does not contradict any of the fitness classes, but it only supplements and makes safer them for your body.
In addition, that Pilates builds a body which changes every day, depending on a combination of factors: sleep, stress, other types of physical activity, sedentary work, injuries, etc. It helps to improve the focus of attention skill on here and now.
Nowadays, fabulous here and now, is accessible to people least of all. In order to live in the present moment, a person has to make additional efforts for this. Check in with oneself in our saturated information world is something fleeting and lost among a long to-do-list. And in the lesson you have to follow every exercise, be precise otherwise you do not know what to do.
Pilates is the bridge between you and the understanding of your body. It does not go for one lesson. You can look forward, see what is there, you can move a few steps forward, and then jump back, but you can not go it at once. First of all, because the body is alive. And the practice at 50 on sensations will differ from practice in 30, practice in a sleepy state will differ from practice in an excited state, practice in the mountains will differ from practice in the hall, etc. And how will you know this, if you do not do it now, tomorrow and always?
Author – Anastasiia Vekua

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