December 19, 2017

How to avoid holiday weight gain?

Christmas time is a period when people put everything on a pause. Everything, including training and diet, with the words: “Well, start after the holidays.” Christmas traditions are associated with a lot of food, lack of sleep and absence of significant movements. How to survive the holidays and stay slim?

Set the tone of the feast.

If you are a host, task becomes easier. Cook the most simple and light meals, remembering that proteins and vegetables are the best for dinner. If mayonnaise dishes can not be avoided, prepare homemade mayonnaise. Cook in such amount so you do not have to eat this food several next days. It`s better to buy more expensive and quality products in less quantity because it will bring more pleasure and fewer calories.

If you are a guest, do not starve until dinner. Sitting at the table, determine what is most suitable for you from the assortment, take a small portion and follow the rule 2 pieces of healthy food to 1 harmful. Fill your plate yourself.

If you are celebrating in a restaurant, order first. So there will be no temptation to order something not very healthy, as someone else will necessarily order.

Become stronger than sweet.

Christmas holidays are full of sweets, cookies, cakes and donuts. How to cope? First of all, decide, why is it important to limit the amount of sweet? Usually, the desire to be slim is a superficial goal from Instagram. But if your real goal is health, the following actions can help you. Eat small portions, slowly enjoy the taste and flavor, replace sweets with fruits and run away from the sweets storages.

Drink enough water and a little alcohol.

Alcohol is not in a trend. And you can always pour a beautiful cocktail of water and lemon with mint or water and rosemary with cranberries.

Spend holidays with move.

Moveless New Year’s and Christmas Eve is the only sure way to gain weight, spoil health, feel guilty and worsen state. When you`re a host, you can organize dancing, games and fun. If you`re visiting friends, become a leisure organizer. When there is a lot of snow, you can spend a great time with sledges, snowballs and snowman. It will also help you burn calories.

If you do not want to do usual workout during holidays, find an alternative. You can go to the skating rink or to dance class as well as you can work out on cross-country skiing in the park.

Get support.

It’s difficult to stay in the usual mode, when everyone says: “Oh, come on, it’s a holiday,” “I tried so hard when I cooked it for you!”, “You know that sweet is good for the brain!”. If relatives are not ready to support you and join a healthy lifestyle, form a supportive environment of friends and acquaintances. After all, they also have to defend their ideas during the holidays.

On average, people gain 3-5 kg ​​for the New Year holidays, which then desperately try to lose by the summer. Choose a healthy body not for the summer, but for all the times of your life.

Author – Anastasia Vekua

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